160mm Replaceable Carbide Tersa Knife for Tersa R2000 Cutterhead

May 20, 2016 § Leave a comment

Knife is for use with the Tersa Revolution 2000 Cutterhead. **These knives comes in packs of 2 balanced knives, and price is for an indiviual knife. If you plan on ordering, order 2 of these knives and they will be sent together.** 160mm Length. TERSA knives are available in four qualities. Each has a built in chip-limiter and are available in a large range of sizes. 1350mm (53.15″) HSS/M42/Chrome Steel. Solid Carbide knives are available up to 630mm (24.8″). Recommended uses: * Chrome: Softwoods only. * HSS: Best for all around use. Recommended for pine, oak, maple, cherry, etc. * M42: For tougher applications. Less likely to chip the cutting edge than HSS. * Solid Carbide: Most durable, reduced finish quality, recommended for hickory, exotic hardwoods, laminated woods, dirty material, glue lines.
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